Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well, Hello New Year.

This year began with tears.  Tears for my past, tears for the fear that future will be the same as the past, tears of bitterness and anger and just sorrow, tears for days and days.  Well, today is the 5th and I' m calling it New Year's day.  I could count my blessings all day long but doing that isn't what's going to pay my disconnect on my gas bill or buy milk or keep me patient with three small children today.  Today I resolve to follow my resolutions... no, I dislike that word... my goals for the year.  Last years goals were like this:  (With a commentary on how we did.... )

Make more  (well, we did, but we still fell under the poverty line)
Save at least $20 a month (ah, nope, didn't happen)
Pay bills on time (that didn't happen either)


Eat less processed food (improving all the time)
compost more (yes)
recycle more (yes)
Buy less, buy less new (yes)
Garden!!!  (could have been better , but wasn't bad....)
Insure the whole family (Nope, I'm still not insured)

Em and Chris:

Time together sans kids (this one is tough... but getting there)
Each have time "alone"(or with friends)  (yes... doing better)


Lose 15 pounds  (okay, so in 2010 I lost twenty, so in 2011 I want to lose 5 more--and stop)
Stop yelling  (uh.... )
Blog  (Okay, I blogged but only photo related... didn't touch this one... so here we go...)
Enjoy the day  (sigh.  Trying to relax.  Thank you xanax)

I like those goals I'm keeping them.  Last year we did achieved a lot.  This year... we can do better.
Okay.  Here we go. No more tears. well, hell, thats a lie... let's go for less tears.  Hello 2011.  

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